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Ornamental fish

William Wildgoose has provided professional services to fish clients on a first and second opinion basis for over 30 years. Most fish work involves private hobbyists with coldwater ornamental fish such as koi and goldfish. He has been the veterinary advisor to the Ornamental Aquatic Trade Association (OATA) since 1996 and offers professional services to several importers and retailers of ornamental fish. In 2013 he compiled the list of vets willing to treat pet fish and beame an honorary life member of the Fish Veterinary Society. He is on the Secretary of State’s list of registered zoo inspectors with a special interest in public aquaria.



Advanced Practitioner in Fish Health and Production



Recent Scientific Papers



  • Lectures regularly to hobbyist groups, students, vets and other fish health professionals.
  • Acted as tutor on several courses on fish health, both internationally and in the UK.

Recent presentations were at the FVS meetings in Glasgow (2006), Southampton (2006) and Edinburgh (2012), OATA conference in Coventry (2006), EAFP conference in Copenhagen (2005), the NAVC in Orlando (2007) and the BVA Animal Welfare Fund Conference (2009).

Services offered

  • Diagnostic disease investigations in ornamental fish.
  • Health care for commercial and private clients.
  • Consultations and site visits by appointment.
  • Routine health monitoring and water quality testing.
  • Laboratory tests (microscopy, autopsy, bacteriology, virology, histopathology).
  • Veterinary radiography, medical and surgical treatments.
  • Assistance in litigation and insurance cases.



Buoyancy disorders and internal disease, which accounts for 50% of cases: these frequently require radiography (X-rays) and other diagnostic investigations. William is also studying diseases of aquarium corals and has contributed images to a new website on the subject: Aquarium Coral Diseases

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