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Our nursing staff are available to answer your general queries, book appointments and dispense non-prescription medication such as wormers and some flea treatments. We stock a range of quality pet food and prescription diets. Please inform the receptionist when you arrive for an appointment.

Consulting Rooms

The practice has two dedicated consulting rooms where pets are examined and medical treatments are carried out in private. A third consulting room is used for consultations with nurses and for clients to discuss bereavement matters.

Operating Theatre

We have two operating rooms, one for non-sterile procedures such as dental scaling, ear cleaning and grooming and the other for sterile procedures such as routine neutering and internal surgery. Both are equipped with gas anaesthetic machines and pulse oximetry monitoring equipment.

X-Ray Room

The entire radiography suite and dark room were completely rebuilt and modernised in 2013. The X-ray room conforms to the strict health and safety requirements of the current Ionising Radiations Regulations. We have an automated X-ray processor to develop radiographs quickly for immediate results. Patients are routinely anaesthetised or sedated to enable accurate positioning so that we obtain optimal quality radiographs.

Ultrasound Facilities

We have recently acquired a portable ultrasound machine with medium-penetration curved and linear probes. An ultrasound is a safe, effective, painless imaging study that does not require anaesthesia. Images are generated using sound waves which scan the organs in the abdomen such as the liver, spleen and kidneys for disease, without the need for invasive procedures such as surgery. Ultrasound can also be used to scan the heart and chest, and is used in a wide array of species.

If you are bringing your pet in for an ultrasound scan, especially of the abdomen, please starve your pet for six hours before the procedure so that food and gas does not interfere with imaging. Water is allowed, and if your pet is having problems passing urine, then try to ensure that they have a full bladder at the time of the examination.

During the ultrasound scan, your pet will be placed in a comfortable padded holder by our nurses, who will also reassure them if they appear nervous. If your pet is distressed or very nervous, a sedative may be advised but this will be confirmed with you prior to the examination. Please be aware that we will need to shave the region of your pet that we will be scanning since fur can interfere with the results. Most ultrasound appointments take approximately 30 to 60 minutes. After the examination, the findings will be documented and discussed with your vet, who will then speak to you directly and make some recommendations.


We carry out basic in-house laboratory work such as microscopic examination of skin scrapings and faecal samples to detect external and internal parasites, culture of hair/fur samples to diagnose ringworm, PCV testing to diagnose anaemia and blood sugar measurements for diabetics. We use a nearby approved veterinary laboratory for routine haematology and biochemistry blood tests which provides results within 24 hours, and a range of other laboratories for more specialised tests.


We have recently renovated our kennels in the basement and installed 12 Shorline stainless steel kennels. These top-of-the-range units are used for hospitalised patients and pets recovering from operations. In addition there are two separate kennels in an isolation ward where pets with infectious diseases are cared for and treated.

Seriously ill patients may need to be admitted for observation and treatment. This may involve serial blood tests throughout the day or intensive treatment with intravenous fluids and medications that cannot be administered during routine consultations or at home.

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