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Precious Pets

Some of our precious client pets at Midland Veterinary Surgery in Leyton

Here, you will find some of our Precious Pets. We would welcome photos of clients’ pets to add to our gallery on a regular basis. If you would like to see your pet in our Precious Pets section, please send a photo by email together with your pet’s name and your surname to info@midlandvetsurgery.co.uk.

Poppy Evans


Billy Stephens, Charlie & Scar Davies, Disney Greenaway, and Ellie Stephens


Gretchen Grimbly, Harold Lee, Leo Wildgoose, and Amy Wildgoose


TJ & Tiny Tim Connolly, Tom Turner, Luna Chapmann, and Kizzy Chapmann


Vincent & Terrence Longhurst and the Hanuskova Bunnies


              Osiris Sharif, Jessie Ames, Mukhi Khan, and Sweet Cheeks Singfield


   Macey James and Sophie Lawrence


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